Review our camp brochure for camps Bonaparte and Fife, if you are interested in some of the highlights of the great things available at our camps.

Please review your camp's Leaders Guide to help make the most out of your camping experience before attending camp.

We are happy that both Staff and campers at Camps Bonaparte & Fife were thrilled with the experience at our summer camp sessions.  The camps have never looked better with the new commissary being completed at Bonaparte after the wind storm and a rebuilt shooting range at Fife including a new pistol bay coming soon.  With the new Adventure Patrols for your older Scouts and all of the other programs at both camps, it was a great time to go to summer camp last year, it's going to be hard to wait for this year! 


But, we’re not only keeping up our summer camps.  Scout-A-Vista has been getting some needed maintenance done in the kitchen and the hot water heater was replaced as well.  At Summit Lake, new campsites have been developed including fire rings and donated picnic tables.  The international jamboree was held at the beginning of June at Summit Lake, and it was a fantastic weekend for all.  Everyone there can’t wait for this June when it’ll be Canada’s turn to host in British Columbia.


Any organization may reserve Scout-A-Vista such as the DSHS foster family sledding party this past winter!  They sent along a very nice letter of appreciation afterward.  We hope you will use Scout-A-Vista for your group soon, too!