2013 National Scout Jamboree FAQ

• Smaller camping footprint (1,000 acres) than Fort A.P. Hill (5,000 acres).

• Maximum distance to arena from any subcamp will be 1.5 miles.

• Twenty subcamps organized into five villages.

• Much smaller subcamp staff.

• Troops assigned to promote highest amount of interaction (no camping by regions).

• One subcamp will be dedicated to Venturers.

• Almost all adult staff will be housed and fed in the adult camp (6,000 to 7,000).

• Walking will be the norm—no personal vehicles allowed in the jamboree footprint.


Build Flexible Infrastructure to Support Both Jamboree and The Summit Year-Round Programs

• Permanent camp sites with bathroom facilities.

• Underground electricity and fiber optic cable for the entire site.

• First jamboree will have more temporary facilities.

• The Summit Center will be designed to function as the visitor experience area.


Embrace Cutting-Edge Technology in the Jamboree Operational Model

• Jamboree will utilize technology at every possible level, from registration through the event.

• Plans are to give each participant a personalized, programmable handheld device (the j-phone) with all program data and individual schedules pre-loaded.

• J-phone will entertain and inform participants throughout the jamboree.

• BSA technology will become part of the jamboree "magic."


Employ a Seamless Logistics and Supply Operation

• Jamboree will provide all troop equipment—tents, cooking equipment, etc.

• Participants will only bring a duffel, sleeping bag, and day pack (jamboree will supply duffel and day pack).

• Food will be pre-packed by troops, with cooking designed for troops rather than patrols.

• Commissary will be offsite, with troop food delivered to villages.

• Lunches will be issued with breakfast in the morning so that participants will have them wherever they are.


Deliver a World-Class Program—Constantly on the Move

• Program will be more diverse, more intense, and have a higher energy level than previous jamborees.

• Jamboree will engage Scouts on a more intense program level in areas of interest to them.

• Program will be daylight to dark.

• Day of Giving Back.

• New Jamboree Trek program.

• Merit badges connected to program areas.

• Arena shows designed to entertain and inspire youth members.


Showcase a Visitor Experience Very Different than the Participant Experience

• Visitors and participants can come together in the 90-acre Summit Center.

• Access to program areas will be limited to jamboree participants.

• In the Summit Center, visitors will be offered a "jamboree lite" experience with a sampling of jamboree activities, constant entertainment, and activities in the arena area, in addition to the exhibit and display areas.

• Jamboree visitors will be provided an improved experience and charged a reasonable but appropriate fee.


Enable a Volunteer-Driven, Professionally Guided Jamboree Staff Opportunity

• Staff mantra—"volunteer–driven, professionally guided." No duality of one volunteer and one professional in each major assignment.

• Less management, more customer-engaged staff.

• Emphasis on recruiting younger staff members by providing shorter commitments than entire jamboree.

• OA will provide more than 600 Arrowmen for programs such as Jamboree Trek and Day of Giving Back.

• Jamboree staff camp will be separated from participant camps, with vast majority of staff housed at this camp.

• Adult staff camp will provide first-class facilities and food.


Go Green, Go Healthy, and Go Safe

• Jamboree will use absolute best practices of eco-friendly camping—an example to other camps.

• Embrace conservation practices and Leave No Trace camping.

• Promote childhood health and fitness.

• Everyone will walk everywhere.

• Healthy food and drinks offered.

• Maintain high standards of Going Safely that was benchmark of 2010 jamboree.


Sustain the Scouting Movement for the Next 100 Years

• Jamboree will preserve the best of jamboree traditions while creating new ones.

• Scouts, staff, and visitors will be introduced to the World Brotherhood of Scouting at The Summit.


Offer Scouts, Scouters, and Visitors a True, Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience

• A jamboree at The Summit will truly be that once-in-a-lifetime experience for all who attend.



Fees will be announced in February.

Applications will be available in May.

The Summit website will be launched in the next 30 days.


If any questions, call:

Director, Larry Pritchard, 972-580-2305

Program, Bart Green, 972-580-2302

Administration, Robin (Hunt) Kresge, 972-580-2380

Registration, Lonnah Curry, 972-580-2078

During a conference call , additional information was also shared: 
The entire Jamboree Management Team will be moving to West Virginia in February so they can be on-site at The Summit. Most of the key volunteer leadership for the 2013 Jamboree were in key leadership positions for the 2010 Jamboree.  The Jamboree Chairman will be Randall Stevenson, CEO for AT&T, who also served as Chairman for the BSA 2010 Celebration..

The BSA National Jamboree fee will have a moderate increase. This increase will provide all tents, picnic tables, cooking gear, duffel bags, t-shirts, daypack, etc.  There will no longer be a need for the council to worry about transporting equipment across the country for the jamboree.

The climate at The Summit is more mild that AP Hill. It is usually 10-15 F cooler and half of the humidity.
There will be no bus transportation on-site, but there will be bus transportation to take participants off-site for program as well as a day of service during the Jamboree.

There will be one sub-camp, just for Ventures. Council's are encouraged to send a "patrol" or more with their contingent.

All staff will be housed and fed in an adult camp with tents and cots provided. Opportunities will be available for adults to serve on the staff for the entire Jamboree or for a portion.  The Jamboree Committee has recognized that to ask for 21 days can be a hardship and want to be more flexible and involve more people in the Jamboree Staff experience.

All age requirements are the same. They strongly encouraged anyone who intends to be a participant at the 2013 Jamboree to slim down and shape up as it will be a very physical experience.

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