Polar Patrol Patch

Introducing the Grand Columbia Council Polar Patrol! The Polar Patrol recognition is presented to scouts or adult leaders in the Grand Columbia Council who accumulate 50 or more “Polar Points” while camping under the auspices of the Boy Scouts of America. Qualifying scouts or adult leaders can apply for recognition using the Polar Patrol Application form, and this can be awarded at any event including a Court of Honor.

One polar point is awarded for each degree below freezing recorded during an overnight council, district, or unit campout. The weather bureau station nearest the campsite (or that most closely represents the conditions at the campsite) determines the degree of temperature; however, a leader's thermometer reading can also be accepted. For example, a recorded overnight temperature of 10 degrees Fahrenheit would equal 22 polar points (32–10=22) towards the required 50 Polar Points.

The accumulation of Polar Points for this recognition follows these guidelines:

The application for the Polar Patrol can be found here.