Cub Scout Recruitment is in Full Swing

The goal for the Grand Columbia Council is to give every boy in the First to Fifth Grade an opportunity to join Cub Scouts prior to each district's Cub-O-Ree at the end of September. Boys join Cub Scouts at a Join Night held at their elementary school. Packs are making arrangements now with their District Executive to have posters put up in the school and surrounding businesses, to have flyers distributed a week prior to the Join Night, and to do boy talks on the day of the Join Night. It is great to have Cub Scouts who are already in the Pack give invitations to their friends a week prior to the Join Night, wear their Cub Scout Uniform to school on the day of the Join Night and carpool with the invited family to the Join Night.

Boys who join Cub Scouting this year will receive membership fees though December 2010, four issues of Boy's Life, a Cub Scout Handbook, Space Derby Kit and an offical Cub Scout Hat for $30.