According to Grand Columbia Council Membership Vice President, Rafael Rodriguez, "Every Cub Scout Pack could double their size in just two years if they focus on forming a Tiger Cub den of First Graders each year."  Mr. Rodriguez went on to say, "Growing Scouting in every Town across Central Washington is really just that easy."

Parent throughout Central Washington gear up each fall to get involved in programs and activities that will assist in their children's ability to succeed.  Scouting provides that opportunity.  Tiger Cub dens of First Grade Boys and their Adult Partners can participate side-by-side with already organized Cub Scout Packs.

Churches, Schools, Service Clubs, Business, and even groups of Citizens can form their own groups and take advantage of the Scouting program.  Tiger Cub Dens can range in size from 3 Tigers to 30.

If you would like to form a group in your community, contact the Boy Scout Office at 1-800-572-8603. They have local volunteers that will help get you started.

More Tiger Cub information is available here.

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